D. Taylor to Working People- We Are in this Together!

We are no strangers to crisis from setting up a tent in the rubble of the 1906 earthquake to the economic meltdown of 2008 to the coronavirus and Trump presidency. We will continue facing the companies head on, fighting for healthcare and fairness for all people. We will keep organizing new members and growing stronger in the face of adversity. We are all in this together! Click here for the video.

Stay Safe, Stay Healthy, Take Action From Home!

Despite the urgent need for health and economic protection during the pandemic, some members of the federal government are resisting much needed protections for working people. Unions are pushing our politicians nationwide to step up and provide protections to workers during the crisis. We have 5 national demands:

(1) Expand health insurance for all workers,

(2) Keep frontline workers safe and secure,

(3) Keep workers employed and protect pensions,

(4) keep public schools, the post office and state and local governments running,

(5) keep America competitive and hire people to build infrastructure.

Click here to tell your congressperson to protect working people.

Free testing available for SF workers

If you are currently working in a San Francisco hotel, grocery stores, or other workplace, you can now get free COVID-19 testing without a doctor’s note. Click here to visit the City’s website for more details and to schedule an appointment either in South of Market or on the Embarcadero. 

UNITE HERE President D. Taylor on CNN

D. Taylor tells Anderson Cooper of CNN how Unite Here is handling the COVID crisis nationwide. Members of Unite Here from hotels, casinos, and airports have died or been hospitalized. Our national priorities are health and safety, personal protective equipment (PPE), healthcare, and access to unemployment, food banks and help with shelter and evictions. Click here to watch the video.


Marriott CEO Arne Sorensen, actions speak louder than words!

Marriott Marquis Housekeeper Larrilou Carrumba speaks out about how the health crisis is impacting her family. She had nearly saved up enough money to move her family out of her sister’s crowded apartment into their own home when the coronavirus hit, making that plan impossible in the near future. Meanwhile, Marriott CEO Arne Sorensen broke his promise to invest in the workers. Marriott bought back $16 BILION in stocks this last decade since Arne signed the pledge making investors richer. To date Marriott has not stopped stock buybacks even at the peak of the pandemic. On March 19th Sorensen promised again to stop the practice of paying stock dividends to investors “for the time being.” He acknowledges that the public is unhappy and in the same breath paid shareholders their “last dividend” on March 31st. But what is Marriott actually going to do? Click here for the full story and stay tuned.

Airline catering workers deserve affordable health care now!

“This largely hidden workforce, made up primarily of immigrants and people of color, many of whom can’t afford health insurance, is at great risk of contracting the virus.”

Airline catering workers are speaking up – because we deserve affordable health care and safety at work. Read the Boston Globe report.

The 1% are once again up to no good

Ten years after the Great Recession of 2008, billionaire’s wealth increased by 80% — leaving the rest of us behind. Now the “pandemic profiteers” are positioned to take similar increases on a much shorter timeline. At least 8 billionaires made another $1 billion since the start of the crisis, and in the same amount of time Jeff Bezos of Amazon made more than the entire GDP of Honduras. Billionaires then use this money to influence politics and make themselves even richer. Read more here.


“Life can be pleasant for those isolated in SF hotels”

This weekend, the Chronicle ran a story about how much better life is for unhoused people who are been sheltered in some of San Francisco’s hotels. They interviewed a guest at a union hotel in the South of Market. Click here to read (requires a Chronicle subscription).

“Shelter in place” order extended to the end of May

San Francisco and six other Bay Area counties have extended the shelter in place order through the end of May. Following the quarantine will prevent a surge in new cases, help us get past the pandemic and save lives. Specific details on restrictions will be released later this week. Read more here.

Food for elderly people

Local 2 has been working with the City and County of San Francisco to create a food program for seniors and other vulnerable people who might be unable to get groceries or cook for themselves.  We think it’s very important that governments create a food program, and that the food is prepared and delivered by people who have the health, safety, and workplace protections that guarantee everyone is safe.

Meanwhile, Governor Newsom has announced a state plan to pay restaurants to deliver food to certain people. Until a more comprehensive program is set up in San Francisco, some people may benefit from the governor’s plan. Read here for more information.