Don’t Forget to Vote! Local 2 Endorses NO on Prop H!

Local 2 members, please VOTE before Tuesday June 7, 2022! It’s especially important to vote NO on Proposition H, the effort to recall our District Attorney Chesa Boudin. Chesa Boudin has fought for our members, and we need to stand up for him. See below for endorsements from the SF Labor Council and California Labor Federation.

You can vote in person or by turning in or mailing your ballot between now and June 7th. Call the SF Department of Elections if you need help with your ballot: (415) 554-4375

In San Francisco…

YES on Prop A: Muni Reliability and Street Safety Bond
YES on Prop B: Charter Amendment: Building Inspection Commission
YES on Prop C: Charter Amendment: Recall Timelines & Vacancy Process
YES on Prop E: Behested Payments
YES on Prop F: Refuse Collection & Disposal
YES on Prop G: Public Health Emergency Leave
NO, NO, NO on Prop H: Recall of District Attorney Chesa Boudin


Other races…

Congressional District 1 Max Steiner (D)
Congressional District 2 Jared Huffman (D)
Congressional District 3 Kermit Jones (D)
Congressional District 4 Mike Thompson (D)
Congressional District 5 Mike Barkley (D)
Congressional District 6 Ami Bera (D)
Congressional District 7 Doris Matsui (D)
Congressional District 8 John Garamendi (D)
Congressional District 9 Josh Harder (D)
Congressional District 10 Mark DeSaulnier (D)
Congressional District 11 Nancy Pelosi (D)
Congressional District 12 Barbara Lee (D)
Congressional District 13 No Recommendation
Congressional District 14 Eric Swalwell (D)
Congressional District 15 Kevin Mullin (D)
Congressional District 16 Anna Eshoo (D)
Congressional District 17 Ro Khanna (D)
Congressional District 18 Zoe Lofgren (D)
Congressional District 19 Jimmy Panetta (D)
Congressional District 20 Marisa Wood (D)
Congressional District 21 Jim Costa (D)
Congressional District 22 Rudy Salas (D)
Congressional District 23 Derek Marshall (D)
Congressional District 24 Salud Carbajal
Congressional District 25 No Recommendation
Congressional District 26 Julia Brownley (D)
Congressional District 27 Christy Smith (D)
Congressional District 28 Judy Chu(D)
Congressional District 29 Tony Cardenas (D)
Congressional District 30 Adam Schiff (D)
Congressional District 31 Grace Napolitano (D)
Congressional District 32 Brad Sherman (D)
Congressional District 33 Pete Aguilar (D)
Congressional District 34 Jimmy Gomez (D)
Congressional District 35 No Recommendation
Congressional District 36 Ted Lieu (D)
Congressional District 37 Sydney Kamlager (D)
Congressional District 38 Linda Sanchez (D)
Congressional District 39 Mark Takano (D)
Congressional District 40 Asif Mahmood (D)
Congressional District 41 Will Rollins (D)
Congressional District 42 Robert Garcia
Congressional District 43 Maxine Waters (D)
Congressional District 44 Nanette Barragan (D)
Congressional District 45 Jay Chen (D)
Congressional District 46 Lou Correa (D)
Congressional District 47 Katie Porter (D)
Congressional District 48 No Endorsement
Congressional District 49 Mike Levin (D)
Congressional District 50 Refer to Executive Council
Congressional District 51 Sara Jacobs (D)
Congressional District 52 Juan Vargas (D)


California State Senate

Senate District 2 Mike McGuire (D)
Senate District 4 Tim Robertson (D)
Senate District 6 Paula Villescaz (D)
Senate District 8 Dave Jones
Senate District 10 Aisha Wahab (D)
Senate District 12 No Endorsement
Senate District 14 Anna Caballero (D)
Senate District 16 OPEN
Senate District 18 Steve Padilla (D)
Senate District 20 Daniel Hertzberg (D)
Senate District 22 No Recommendation
Senate District 24  Ben Allen (D)
Senate District 26 Maria Elena Durazo (D)
Senate District 28 Lola Smallwood Cuevas (D)
Senate District 30 Bob Archuleta (D)
Senate District 32 No Endorsement
Senate District 34 Tom Umberg (D)
Senate District 36 Kim Carr (D)
Senate District 38  Catherine Blakespear (D)
Senate District 40 Joseph Rocha (D)

California State Assembly

Assembly District 1 Refer to Executive Council
Assembly District 2 Jim Wood (D)
Assembly District 3 No Endorsement
Assembly District 4 Cecelia Aguiar-Curry (D)
Assembly District 5 No Endorsement
Assembly District 6 Kevin McCarty (D)
Assembly District 7 No Endorsement
Assembly District 8 No Endorsement
Assembly District 9 Heath Flora (R)
Assembly District 10 Eric Guerra (D)
Assembly District 11 Lori Wilson (D)
Assembly District 12 Damon Connolly (D)
Assembly District 13 Carlos Villapudua (D)
Assembly District 14 Buffy Wicks (D)
Assembly District 15 Tim Grayson (D)
Assembly District 16 Rebecca Bauer-Kahan (D)
Assembly District 17 OPEN (D)
Assembly District 18 Mia Bonta (D)
Assembly District 19 Phil Ting (D)
Assembly District 20 Liz Ortega (D)
Assembly District 21 No Recommendation
Assembly District 22 Jessica Self (D)
Assembly District 23 Marc Berman
Assembly District 24 Alex Lee (D)
Assembly District 25 Ash Kalra (D)
Assembly District 26 Evan Low (D)
Assembly District 27 Esmeralda Soria (D)
Assembly District 28 DUAL: Gail Pellerin (D)/ Rob Rennie (D)
Assembly District 29 Robert Rivas (D)
Assembly District 30 DUAL: Dawn Addis (D)/ Jon Wizard (D)
Assembly District 31 Joaquin Arambula (D)
Assembly District 32 No Endorsement
Assembly District 33 Jose Sigala (D)
Assembly District 34 No Recommendation
Assembly District 35 Leticia Perez (D)
Assembly District 36 Eduardo Garcia (D)
Assembly District 37 Gregg Hart (D)
Assembly District 38 Steve Bennett
Assembly District 39 Andrea Rosenthal (D)
Assembly District 40 Pilar Schiavo (D)
Assembly District 41 Chris Holden (D)
Assembly District 42 Jacqui Irwin (D)
Assembly District 43 Luz Rivas (D)
Assembly District 44 Laura Friedman (D)
Assembly District 45 James Ramos (D)
Assembly District 46 Jesse Gabriel (D)
Assembly District 47 Christy Holstege (D)
Assembly District 48 No Recommendation
Assembly District 49 Mike Fong (D)
Assembly District 50 Eloise Gomez-Reyes (D)
Assembly District 51 Rick Chavez-Zbur (D)
Assembly District 52 Wendy Carrillo (D)
Assembly District 53 Refer to Executive Council
Assembly District 54 Miguel Santiago (D)
Assembly District 55 Isaac Bryan (D)
Assembly District 56 Lisa Calderon (D)
Assembly District 57 Reggie Jones-Sawyer (D)
Assembly District 58 Sabrina Cervantes (D)
Assembly District 59 No Endorsement
Assembly District 60 No Recommendation
Assembly District 61 Tina McKinnor (D)
Assembly District 62 Anthony Rendon (D)
Assembly District 63 Fauzia Rizvi (D)
Assembly District 64 Elizabeth Alcantar-Loza (D)
Assembly District 65 Mike Gipson (D)
Assembly District 66 No Recommendation
Assembly District 67 Sharon Quirk-Silva (D)
Assembly District 68 Avelino Valencia (D)
Assembly District 69 Josh Lowenthal (D)
Assembly District 70 Diedre Thu-Ha Nguyen (D)
Assembly District 71 No Recommendation
Assembly District 72 No Recommendation
Assembly District 73 Cottie Petrie-Norris (D)
Assembly District 74 Chris Duncan (D)
Assembly District 75 No Endorsement
Assembly District 76 Brian Maienschein (D)
Assembly District 77 Tasha Boerner Horvath (D)
Assembly District 78 Chris Ward (D)
Assembly District 79 No Recommendation
Assembly District 80 Georgette Gomez (D)

Board of Equalization

District 1 No Recommendation
District 2 DUAL: Michela Alioto-Pier (D)/ Sally Lieber (D)
District 3 Tony Vasquez (D)
District 4 No Recommendation


United States Senate

U.S. Senate Alex Padilla (D)


State Constitutional Offices

Superintendent of Public Instruction Tony Thurmond
Insurance Commissioner Ricardo Lara (D)
Treasurer Fiona Ma (D)
Controller Malia Cohen (D)
Attorney General Rob Bonta (D)
Secretary of State Shirley Weber (D)
Lieutenant Governor Eleni Kounalakis (D)
Governor Gavin Newsom (D)

May Day March

May Day is OUR day to show the bosses that we’re strong and POWERFUL! Join our May Day march this Sunday May 1 at 10am at the Embarcadero!

SF Chronicle: “S.F., East Bay chapters of Unite Here union vote to merge”

Our merger is big news! Local 2 and Local 2850 members voted 84.2% YES to merge into one powerful union!

Local 2 member Bill Fung casts his vote

The San Francisco Chronicle reported on our merge:

“With this merger we’re emerging from the pandemic as a bigger and stronger renewed labor union ready to meet those challenges head on,” UNITE HERE Local 2 President Anand Singh said.

“Union officials said the ability to bargain as a larger unit especially with big hotel chains would give them more leverage in getting their members back to work after pandemic job cuts, and controlling their workloads once they are back on the job.”

Click here to read the full report.

Local 2 and Local 2850 Merge: One Powerful Union!

Local 2 and Local 2850 Merge: One Powerful Union!

84.2% Vote YES For Merger!

On Wednesday, April 20th, 2022 Local 2 members voted overwhelmingly to merge Local 2850 into Local 2. At the same time, Local 2850 members voted 99% YES to approve the merger. With both membership’s approval, the merger is now official. This is the beginning of a stronger, more powerful, Local 2. Congratulations to everyone who came out to vote. Your active participation is what makes our Union strong.

Onward to Victory in 2022!

Union Meeting: April 13, 2022

Come to a Union Meeting with President Anand Singh

  • When: Wednesday April 13, 2022
  • Time: 11am, 2pm and 4:30pm
  • Location: 209 Golden Gate Ave. San Francisco, CA 94102

請出席工會會議 和主席Anand Singh一起

  • 日期: 2022年4月13星期三
  • 時間: 上午11時,下午2時和4:30
  • 地點: 209 Golden Gate Ave. San Francisco, CA 94102

Vengan a una reunión de la unión con el presidente Anand Singh

  • Fecha: miércoles 13 de abril de 2022
  • Hora: 11am, 2pm y 4:30pm
  • Lugar: 209 Golden Gate Ave. San Francisco, CA 94102

Union Meeting: March 28, 2022

Come to a Union Meeting with President Anand Singh

  • When: Monday March 28, 2022
  • Time: 11 am, 2 pm and 4:30 pm
  • Location: 209 Golden Gate Ave. San Francisco, CA 94102

請出席工會會議 和主席Anand Singh一起

  • 日期: 2022年3月28日星期一
  • 時間: 上午11時,下午2時和4:30
  • 地點: 209 Golden Gate Ave. San Francisco, CA 94102

Vengan a una reunión de la unión con el presidente Anand Singh

  • Fecha: lunes 28 de marzo de 2022
  • Hora: 11 am, 2 pm y 4:30 pm
  • Lugar: 209 Golden Gate Ave. San Francisco, CA 94102

Campaign 2022: Unity for Strength!

More info:


Más información:

Hotel Districts March 2022

Aloft SFO Lamoin Werlein-Jaen (415) 864-8770 x762
Alton Mauricio Palma (415) 864-8770 x709
Americania Justin Taylor (415) 864-8770 x747
BEI Hotel Kelsey Bowman (415) 864-8770 x756
Buchanan Jose Lee (415) 864-8770 x705
Carriage Inn Justin Taylor (415) 864-8770 x747
Cartwright Jose Lee (415) 864-8770 x705
Caza Mauricio Palma (415) 864-8770 x709
Chancellor Jose Lee (415) 864-8770 x705
Clancy Jose Lee (415) 864-8770 x705
Clift Rafael Leiva (415) 864-8770 x725
Comfort Inn Mauricio Palma (415) 864-8770 x709
Courtyard Marriott Fisherman’s Wharf Mauricio Palma (415) 864-8770 x709
Crowne Plaza Burlingame Lamoin Werlein-Jaen (415) 864-8770 x762
Fairmont Aliya Francisco (415) 864-8770 x707
Fairmont Heritage Fisherman’s Wharf Mauricio Palma (415) 864-8770 x709
Four Seasons Nicole Huang (415) 864-8770 x730
Good Hotel Justin Taylor (415) 864-8770 x747
Grand Hyatt Union Square Ruthe Offill (415) 864-8770 x755
Grand Hyatt SFO Lamoin Werlein-Jaen (415) 864-8770 x762
Grosvenor Hotel Lamoin Werlein-Jaen (415) 864-8770 x762
Hampton Inn Jose Lee (415) 864-8770 x705
Handlery Jose Lee (415) 864-8770 x705
Hilton Union Square Lizzy Tapia (415) 864-8770 x723
Hilton Financial District Jose Lee (415) 864-8770 x705
Holiday Inn Express Fisherman’s Wharf Mauricio Palma (415) 864-8770 x709
Holiday Inn Express SFO Lamoin Werlein-Jaen (415) 864-8770 x762
Holiday Inn Golden Gateway Mauricio Palma (415) 864-8770 x709
Hotel G Jose Lee (415) 864-8770 x705
Huntington Aliya Francisco (415) 864-8770 x707
Hyatt Regency at Embarcadero Kelsey Bowman (415) 864-8770 x756
Hyatt Regency Burlingame Lamoin Werlein-Jaen (415) 864-8770 x762
Intercontinental Jose Lee (415) 864-8770 x705
Kabuki Justin Taylor (415) 864-8770 x747
Kensington Park Ruthe Offill (415) 864-8770 x755
Laurel Inn Lizzy Tapia (415) 864-8770 x723
Lighthouse Hotel Lamoin Werlein-Jaen (415) 864-8770 x762
Mark Hopkins Aliya Francisco (415) 864-8770 x707
Marker Alexis Luna-Torres (415) 864-8770 x753
Marriott Fisherman’s Wharf Mauricio Palma (415) 864-8770 x709
Marriott Marquis Justin Taylor (415) 864-8770 x747
Marriott Union Square Aliya Francisco (415) 864-8770 x707
Marriott Vacation Club Pulse Mauricio Palma (415) 864-8770 x709
Omni Kelsey Bowman (415) 864-8770 x756
Palace Ruthe Offill (415) 864-8770 x755
Parc 55 Nicole Huang (415) 864-8770 x730
Park Central Jose Lee (415) 864-8770 x705
Pickwick Mauricio Palma (415) 864-8770 x709
Riu Plaza Mauricio Palma (415) 864-8770 x709
Royal Pacific Mauricio Palma (415) 864-8770 x709
Seal Rock Inn Mauricio Palma (415) 864-8770 x709
Sir Francis Drake Jose Lee (415) 864-8770 x705
Spero Jose Lee (415) 864-8770 x705
St. Francis Rafael Leiva (415) 864-8770 x725
St. Regis Kelsey Bowman (415) 864-8770 x756
Stanford Court Aliya Francisco (415) 864-8770 x707
Travelodge by the Bay Mauricio Palma (415) 864-8770 x709
Union Square/Personality Ruthe Offill (415) 864-8770 x755
Vitale Kelsey Bowman (415) 864-8770 x756
W Nicole Huang (415) 864-8770 x730
Wharf Inn Mauricio Palma (415) 864-8770 x709
Whitcomb Rafael Leiva (415) 864-8770 x725
Zephyr Mauricio Palma (415) 864-8770 x709

Local 2 Radio

Are you laid off? Join Local 2 next Tuesday Dec. 14 at 2pm for the union’s monthly update. Call 669-900-6833, meeting ID 85028050453#
Esta usted en desempleado? Unase al Local 2 el proximo martes 14 de diciembre a las 2pm para recibir la noticias mensuales del sindicato. Llame al 669-900-6833, meeting ID 85028050453#
 你還在停薪留職期間吗?下周二 12 月 14 日下午 2 点收聽Local 2 廣播,了解工会的每月更新。拨打 669-900-6833,会议 ID 85028050453#

Local 2 Radio

Stay tuned for updates about what’s going on with Local 2.

Thursday, October 7 at 2pm.

Call 669-900-6833. Meeting ID 871 4591 0040# (participant ID #).