UNITE HERE Statement on the Murder of George Floyd

This is not normal. Except it is.

Last week, George Floyd was murdered by an officer of the Minneapolis Police Department, while three additional officers stood by and watched. Yet again, a Black man was targeted and suffocated to death by the people who should, ostensibly, “protect and serve.” UNITE HERE condemns this action and demands swift and complete justice for Mr. Floyd and his family.

For months we have grappled with “the new normal” of living in the midst of COVID-19. We’ve struggled with job loss, with wearing masks, with the need to socially distance. What we need to grapple with, and change, is the historic normal. The commodification and the brutalization of Black people. From Emmett to Trayvon to Sandra to Tamir to Eric to Philando to Botham to Breonna to George Floyd and too many others—it has become “normal” to see our Black Brothers and Sisters being killed, and we cannot and will not stand idly by.

Our heartfelt condolences go out to the family and friends of Mr. Floyd. Black Lives Matter, George Floyd’s life matters. Justice must be served, and our country must change, because this “normal” should not be normal.

Mayor Breed Addresses San Francisco in Plan to Reopen

Mayor Breed addressed the public Thursday with the plan to reopen San Francisco. Read more from NBC Bay Area here. The plan provides estimated reopening dates that may be adjusted based on stopping the spread of the virus. The estimated reopening dates are as follows for the following services and businesses:
  • June 1st: Child care centers
  • June 15th: Sporting events and entertainment centers
  • Mid- August (target date): Schools (with modifications)
  • To be determined- Hotels and lodging for leisure and tourism
Mayor Breed reiterates that these are estimated dates based on stopping the spread of COVID-19 and stresses the importance of three public health guidelines:
  • 1) Wearing face coverings
  • 2) Hand washing
  • 3)Social distancing
In all other aspects the shelter in place order is still in effect. Breed urges workers to telecommute to work and stay home when possible. Click here to see Mayor Breed’s full speech. For specific information on the guidelines start watching the video at 9 minutes.

International Tele-Townhall Report

Yesterday 5,500 workers all over the US and Canada joined IU president D. Taylor and Senator Elizabeth Warren in a tele-townhall. Our Union will continue pushing on the local, state and federal levels to win the protections workers need now more than ever. From this single call we were able to recruit 500 volunteers to the election campaign and garner international support for our 5 economic essentials.
1)Protect and Expand Healthcare
2)Protect Worker Health and Safety
3) Protect Pensions and Jobs
4) Keep Schools and USPS Going
5) Bring People Back to Work

$500 Relief for Immigrant Workers

Labor leaders pushed the State to pass a one-time $500 financial relief for undocumented workers with a maximum of $1000 per household. The funds will be distributed through non-profit organizations. Visit the California COVID 19 website to learn how to apply.


Read more from the SF Chronicle.

Concessions workers at Oracle Park and Chase Center are part of the team-and we’re speaking up to make sure we are not left behind during COVID 19. Read more from the SF Chronicle.


D. Taylor to Working People- We Are in this Together!

We are no strangers to crisis from setting up a tent in the rubble of the 1906 earthquake to the economic meltdown of 2008 to the coronavirus and Trump presidency. We will continue facing the companies head on, fighting for healthcare and fairness for all people. We will keep organizing new members and growing stronger in the face of adversity. We are all in this together! Click here for the video.

Stay Safe, Stay Healthy, Take Action From Home!

Despite the urgent need for health and economic protection during the pandemic, some members of the federal government are resisting much needed protections for working people. Unions are pushing our politicians nationwide to step up and provide protections to workers during the crisis. We have 5 national demands:

(1) Expand health insurance for all workers,

(2) Keep frontline workers safe and secure,

(3) Keep workers employed and protect pensions,

(4) keep public schools, the post office and state and local governments running,

(5) keep America competitive and hire people to build infrastructure.

Click here to tell your congressperson to protect working people.

Free testing available for SF workers

If you are currently working in a San Francisco hotel, grocery stores, or other workplace, you can now get free COVID-19 testing without a doctor’s note. Click here to visit the City’s website for more details and to schedule an appointment either in South of Market or on the Embarcadero. 

UNITE HERE President D. Taylor on CNN

D. Taylor tells Anderson Cooper of CNN how Unite Here is handling the COVID crisis nationwide. Members of Unite Here from hotels, casinos, and airports have died or been hospitalized. Our national priorities are health and safety, personal protective equipment (PPE), healthcare, and access to unemployment, food banks and help with shelter and evictions. Click here to watch the video.