Stop Corporate Greed: Vote YES on Prop 15 and NO on Prop 22

For years, corporations have used shady tactics to avoid paying their fair share in California. YES on Prop 15 and NO on Prop 22 will hold wealthy CEOs accountable so that our workforce, schools, and communities can thrive. This November, vote YES on Prop 15 and No on Prop 22 to put an end to corporate greed!

Voting YES on Prop 15 will reclaim $12 billion for schools and critical local services by closing property tax loopholes that benefit the wealthy. Vote YES on Prop 15! #YesOn15

Prop 22 will allow greedy corporations like Uber and Lyft to undermine workers. It’s time to turn all jobs into good jobs and provide protections for ALL working people. Vote NO on Prop 22! #NoOnProp22 #SickofGigGreed

NBC Bay Area: “Hundreds Gather for Labor Day Protest in San Francisco”

Yesterday we showed Marriott, Lyft, and the San Francisco Giants that when workers are under attack, we fight back – even during COVID-19! Click here to watch NBC Bay Area’s coverage of our powerful Labor Day action.

Labor Day Action: Fight Back!

ACTION ALERT: Monday September 7th
MARCH: Assemble at Yerba Buena Park at 3:45pm
CAR CARAVAN: Meet at Yerba Buena Park in front of St. Patrick Church at 3:45pm

Join the San Francisco Labor Council, SEIU Local 87, and UNITE HERE Local 2 to reclaim Labor Day for workers. We’ll have a march and car caravan to fight back against local corporate villains at Marriott’s St. Regis hotel, Lyft corporate headquarters, and the SF Giants’ Oracle Park.

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USA TODAY: Oracle Park workers demand help from SF Giants

BIG NEWS: USA TODAY reports on ballpark workers’ powerful campaign for justice. Click here to read the article.

“It’s devastating. I [used to work] three jobs and [now they’re all] gone,” said Connie Sarmiento, a cashier at Oracle Park. “They’re billionaires,” she said of the Giants. “This is the right time to show their support for us, go back on the table, negotiate with the Local 2, and try to deal with this pandemic.”

“Many of these workers who have spent decades providing service to this team are being told, ‘Good luck, hopefully we see you next year, good luck paying rent, good luck securing health care in a global pandemic.’ We find that unacceptable,” said Anand Singh, President of UNITE HERE Local 2. “We think these workers deserve better and the Giants have the power and the means to do better.”

Click here to read the article.

Oracle Park PROTEST: Giants v. Dodgers!

Hundreds of us came to last week’s protest – but that was just the beginning. After our protest, the Giants’ food service subcontractor Bon Appetit sent workers an important email:

“We apologize for the previous communication terminating your employment at the ballpark. This letter rescinds our July 27 email communication to you regarding your employment status at Oracle Park and confirms that you remain an existing employee on temporary lay off status.”

This is a big win, but it’s not enough for Oracle Park workers who are struggling to feed their families! We won’t let the Giants abandon ballpark workers while they continue to make millions during COVID-19. Join us for a social-distanced picket and car caravan before the Giants vs. Dodgers game on Tuesday at 5:30PM.

Safety First!

We asked the Hotel industry to negotiate with us about a SAFE reopening. Rather than deal with us in a constructive manner they are embarking on a PR campaign, telling the public that Local 2 and the city government are very unfair to them.
These are the four main elements of our proposal:
Safety First! Real protocols to protect workers and guests.
Recall rights: More senior workers can decline work without disrupting unemployment benefits.
Medical Benefits: Hotels pay for benefits beyond October 31st.
This would be a limited term agreement — for the pandemic.
The Hotel Companies responded that they have no obligation to bargain about SAFETY and re-opening.
If any question please call your field representative.
Stay safe.

BIG ACTION: SF Giants, do right by stadium workers!

Click here for full info on Facebook event page!

Friday, Aug. 14 at 6PM!

Baseball is back, but the Giants are leaving stadium workers behind. We’re planning a BIG action – join us for a SOCIAL DISTANCE PICKET or CAR CARAVAN before the Giants vs. A’s game on Friday Aug. 14 at 6PM.

We have served Giant’s fans loyally for many years, and now we’re struggling to make ends meet. The Giants continue to make millions during the pandemic, but the team and their subcontractor Bon Appetit refuse to share with the workers! We need every company to understand that they have to support workers during this pandemic.

Click here for more details and RSVP on Facebook event page.

Baseball’s Stadium Workers Are Getting Peanuts From the Billionaire Owners

The MLB has started its COVID-19 season, but billionaire owners are leaving stadium workers out in the cold. We refuse to be left behind after all our years serving Giants fans – Oracle Park workers are going to fight back! Read more about our fight in The Nation.

Allocation Meeting Update

Core Committee Leaders met on Monday July 27, 2020 and adopted the Executive Board’s recommendation to allocate money for pension and wages from the $1.45 per hour increase that we are receiving this year per the class A San Francisco hotel’s contract.

The money will be distributed as follows: 46 cents goes to our pension and the rest goes to our wages, which will mean a $1.10 per hour raise for non-tipped workers and a 55 cent per hour raise for tipped workers.

With this allocation we’re sending a message to the industry that the pension will be a priority in our next negotiations, and that we expect management to step up and cover our medical benefits beyond October.

Gate Gourmet: Use your free money for the workers!

We demand that Gate Gourmet use the government CARES Act money to recall and pay laid off workers immediately. While the government is awarding the company over millions dollars, hundreds of us Gate Gourmet workers will not survive and may be financially ruined! The company’s intention to recall only 35% of the workforce through September is appalling especially as their main competitor recall much more! Please do the right thing by recalling us back to work and use that CARES Act money to honor our loyalty and save our families.

CLICK HERE: Tell Gate Gourmet to use the government CARES Act money to recall and pay laid off workers immediately!