New Rent Relief for SF residents staring May 28th

Do you need help paying rent? There are programs available for San Francisco tenants. You can apply online or get help applying from a community organization.

For help with rent between April 2020 and March 2021, apply for State relief at The State’s program provides rent relief and eviction protection resources for tenants, landlords and homeowners.

For help with rent for April 2021 and after, to apply for the City’s program starting May 28, click here . The City’s program provides for rent assistance for up to 3 months of back rent and 3 months of forward rent, for a total of 6 months of rent assistance for residents who have suffered financial hardships during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Please visit the San Francisco Rent Assistance website for eligibility criteria, details on updated eviction protections, and information on how to get help from community partner organizations through the Anti-Displacement Coalition.

Thanks to Aaron Peskin’s office, District 3 Board of Supervisor, for this program description.