President Biden signs new bailout law

This week President Biden signed a bailout law that brings some important short-term help to many working people.  Thanks to the Local 2 members who sent a message to Congress asking them to pass this bill.  But we have much more work to do to fix our economy – especially health care.  Click here for action you can take today to make a big difference in California.

Here’s some of what is in the new law:


Money for working people

  • Up to $1400 for most Local 2 members (depending on your income).  This money will be sent out much like the “stimulus checks” last year.
  • Help for unemployed people.  Anyone who is receiving unemployment benefits will receive a $300 per week benefit from the federal government, up until September 6.
  • Money for people with children.  Taxpayers with children under 18 years old will get $3000 ($3600 for children under 6). This money will be paid out in pieces during the year.


Short term help with health care

  • Free COBRA health coverage through September.  If you got health benefits by working before you were laid off, the federal government will pay for your family’s COBRA (continued coverage) through September 2021.  Local 2’s health funds will send out a notice soon explaining how to take advantage of this — if you turned down COBRA when benefits expired, you will be able to re-enroll. Please look out for this notice in the mail.
  • Extra help buying plans on Covered California.  The bill will make it cheaper for most laid-off people to buy health plans on Covered California — though these plans will still be expensive for many.  This federal subsidy will last through 2022.


Other important changes

  • More money for housing assistance.  The bill will give out more money to community groups to help people who don’t have housing or who are at risk of being evicted.
  • Help for cities & counties.  The public services we depend on — for schools, safety, and public health — are under threat because local governments are getting less tax revenue. The new bill helps protect our services.