San Francisco’s hotel and restaurant workers are proud to host you in our city. Visitors like you are a big part of what makes our home a vibrant place. And where you choose to spend your money affects tens of thousands of working families in the Bay Area.

We want to make sure you are fully informed about events that could impact your stay.

This summer, thousands of workers are negotiating with many of San Francisco’s biggest hotel companies over workplace standards. Our current agreement with those companies expires on August 14. When a contract expires, or workers are not under a contract, hotel workers may choose to strike, picket, or take other actions that could impact your travel.

As the cost of living has soared in the Bay Area – and as hotels charge higher and higher rates – we want to make sure that hospitality employees aren’t left behind.

We believe one job should be enough. Enough to pay the bills. Enough to raise a family.  Enough to retire with dignity.

We hope our employers – many of them multi-billion-dollar corporations – agree. But we are determined to make a real difference. Especially at this moment in history, it’s more important than ever that working people stand up for themselves.

Before booking at a San Francisco hotel, please visit to make sure you’re staying at a venue that is free and clear of a labor dispute.  You can also find important “model protective language” that helps you avoid cancellation fees if you need to relocate because of a dispute.

Among the hotels where contracts expire are:

  • Courtyard by Marriott Downtown
  • Marriott Marquis
  • Marriott Union Square
  • Palace Hotel
  • St. Regis Hotel
  • W San Francisco
  • Westin St. Francis
  • and many more…

For a complete list, visit Find out more about the campaign at