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Mayor Breed issues an order requiring face masks in public

Since Friday, as a measure to flatten the coronavirus curve most Bay Area counties will be requiring people to wear masks in public. In San Francisco people riding transit, working, doing construction or shopping should wear masks and should maintain 6 feet social distancing. Not wearing a mask “is a misdemeanor punishable by fine, imprisonment […]

So called “Too Big to Fail” Corporations are at it again

In the March 27th package Congress set aside billions of dollars to provide hotel workers (among others) with financial relief due to unprecedented COVID 19 layoffs. Corporations like Marriott are lobbying the government today for a “no strings attached” bailout, meaning they want to have the liberty to keep the approved money for themselves, shareholders […]

Trump Forced to Give Money to Workers

Back at the end of March, the labor movement won some of its big demands in Congress, which passed a law that gives most workers up to $1200, plus an extra $600 per week in unemployment benefits if you are laid off (this will last until July 31). Trump government is sending the money this […]

SF Supervisors vote to shelter the unhoused in hotels

Bloomberg (read the full story here): San Francisco would rent 8,250 hotel rooms by April 26 as temporary quarantine facilities under a measure the Board of Supervisors approved Tuesday. The emergency ordinance would be in effect for three months and cost more than $180 million. It would give priority to house homeless people as well […]

New York Times highlights Marriott’s hypocrisy

Marriott and other giant corporations promised last year to treat workers and communities better. But the New York Times ran an article today about how Coronavirus has revealed what these companies really think: “They just say: ‘We don’t need you. You are on your own,’” said William Gonzalez, a Local 2 member, in the article.  “All the […]

ProPublica reports on UNITE HERE members

ProPublica.org published an article April 9th saying nearly one year after winning an historic contract impacts of the coronavirus have devastated hundreds of thousands of service jobs. Our union is calling on Marriott to step up. Click here to read the article.

SF to prioritize placing some homeless in hotels

The blog Mission Local reported that San Francisco is going to prioritize moving seniors who don’t have housing into hotel rooms. Local 2 continues to push city officials and community activists alike to remember that hotel workers — whether they have a union or not — deserve special protections when hotels are used for emergency […]

Local 2 is signing up workers for reopened hotels

As San Francisco signs up more hotels to provide shelter for vulnerable people during the coronavirus crisis, Local 2 has been working to make sure that hotel employees are properly protected and that they and their families receive good quality health care. This goes for all hotel workers – whether or not they are in […]