Stop Corporate Greed: Vote YES on Prop 15 and NO on Prop 22

For years, corporations have used shady tactics to avoid paying their fair share in California. YES on Prop 15 and NO on Prop 22 will hold wealthy CEOs accountable so that our workforce, schools, and communities can thrive. This November, vote YES on Prop 15 and No on Prop 22 to put an end to corporate greed!

Voting YES on Prop 15 will reclaim $12 billion for schools and critical local services by closing property tax loopholes that benefit the wealthy. Vote YES on Prop 15! #YesOn15

Prop 22 will allow greedy corporations like Uber and Lyft to undermine workers. It’s time to turn all jobs into good jobs and provide protections for ALL working people. Vote NO on Prop 22! #NoOnProp22 #SickofGigGreed