Mayor Breed Addresses San Francisco in Plan to Reopen

Mayor Breed addressed the public Thursday with the plan to reopen San Francisco. Read more from NBC Bay Area here. The plan provides estimated reopening dates that may be adjusted based on stopping the spread of the virus. The estimated reopening dates are as follows for the following services and businesses:
  • June 1st: Child care centers
  • June 15th: Sporting events and entertainment centers
  • Mid- August (target date): Schools (with modifications)
  • To be determined- Hotels and lodging for leisure and tourism
Mayor Breed reiterates that these are estimated dates based on stopping the spread of COVID-19 and stresses the importance of three public health guidelines:
  • 1) Wearing face coverings
  • 2) Hand washing
  • 3)Social distancing
In all other aspects the shelter in place order is still in effect. Breed urges workers to telecommute to work and stay home when possible. Click here to see Mayor Breed’s full speech. For specific information on the guidelines start watching the video at 9 minutes.