New York Times highlights Marriott’s hypocrisy

Marriott and other giant corporations promised last year to treat workers and communities better. But the New York Times ran an article today about how Coronavirus has revealed what these companies really think: “They just say: ‘We don’t need you. You are on your own,’” said William Gonzalez, a Local 2 member, in the article.  “All the executives, Sorenson and the others, they get paid millions every year, and we just get a few dollars,” Sonya Bautista – another Local 2 member – said in the article. “We give our soul to give our best for our company. I try hard to make the rooms beautiful for guests so they will come back. It’s not fair. Marriott doesn’t care about us.”

All around the US and Canada, UNITE HERE is pushing hospitality corporations like Marriott — which made billions in profits over the last ten years — to take care of the workers who’ve made them so successful.