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eric mar

Local 2 Endorsements for the November 6 Election

San Francisco Board of Supervisors District 1: Eric Mar District 3: David Chiu District 5: Christina Olague District 7: FX Crowley District 9: David Campos District 11: John Avalos Community College Board Rafael Mandelman Natalie Berg San Francisco Propositions Save City College! Vote YES on Proposition ...
oliviero (3)

After 20 years, HEI says I’m not good enough

My name is Oliverio Barcenas.  I have worked at Le Meridien for 22 years.  I work as a cook at the hotel. I take pride in my work and want to provide the best meal I can with the tools that I have. I have been an active member of the union committee at this hotel because I do not like how I am disrespected.  ...
Mike Welch (4)

Mike Welch 1949-2012

Our good friend and brother, Mike Welch, passed away on Sunday, March 25.  Mike retired from his Field Representative position in 2004 due to health reasons. Mike first worked at the Fairmont Hotel in the dish room beginning in the late 70s. It was a time, not unlike today, of social and political upheaval; ...

Women Academics Decry Hyatt’s Sexualization of Housekeepers

As Women’s and Gender Studies faculty, we were outraged to find out that Hyatt had posted sexually suggestive photos of housekeepers, and fired a woman who objected and her sister. We’re taking action. We call on other faculty and students to do the same. Dear Colleagues, In late September, ...

Thousands demand that Hyatt put the Reyes sisters back to work

Martha and Lorena Reyes, the Hyatt Santa Clara housekeepers who filed retaliation charges with the EEOC (Equal Employment Opportunity Commission), are still out of work this Thanksgiving.  Since Friday, however, when over 100 community supporters picketed the Hyatt Santa Clara in solidarity, thousands ...
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