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Financial Women of San Francisco

UntitledThe Financial Women of San Francisco Association (FWSF) has chosen to ignore the Le Meridien workers campaign for justice and equality by repeatedly using the Le Meridien San Francisco for their monthly mixers. The community, hundreds of organizations, local leaders and politicians including the Board of Supervisors of San Francisco have already allied with the Le Meridien hotel workers. So why wont the Financial Women of San Francisco Association? Is a cocktail really worth turning your back on struggling San Franciscans?


Air Canada


Air Canada is one of Hyatt at Fisherman’s Wharf top customers. Air Canada’s management has continually ignored the hotel workers call for boycott. This arrogance has ensured that their airline pilots and crew now have to cross picket lines and face other actions that may be disruptive to their stay.


Airline pilots have the demanding job of keeping our families safe. Pilots and crew members should be afforded the luxury of being lodged at a hotel where they can get the rest needed to perform their duties safely.

Wharton Shame

Wharton School

Wharton Shame

Shortly after the workers call to boycott Le Meridien, several workers and supporters met with Wharton West’s Vice Dean and lead of Wharton EMBA program Executive Director and asked if Wharton would honor their request.  Wharton promptly told them that that they would not.


The poor choices made by the Wharton administration to use the Le Meridien for Wharton EMBA students are shameful and have reflected poorly on the reputation of the Wharton School. Wharton has actively refused to honor the Le Meridien San Francisco workers call to boycott their hotel since 2008. This irresponsible position has forced approximately $19,250.00 of each EMBA student’s tuition is being spent to place them in an uncomfortable environment.


More disappointing information about Wharton School can be found here: