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Local 2 Endorsements for the November 6 Election

San Francisco Board of Supervisors

District 1: Eric Mar

District 3: David Chiu

District 5: Christina Olague

District 7: FX Crowley

District 9: David Campos

District 11: John Avalos

Community College Board

Rafael Mandelman

Natalie Berg

San Francisco Propositions

Save City College! Vote YES on Proposition A

Clean & Safe Neighborhood Parks Bond: Vote YES on Proposition B

Affordable Housing Trust Fund: Vote YES on Proposition C 

 Gross Receipts Tax Measure: Vote YES on Proposition E

Water Sustainability & Environmental Restoration Planning Act: Vote NO on Proposition F

California State Propositions

Temporary Taxes to Fund Education! Vote YES on Proposition 30

State Budget. State and Local Government: Vote NO on Proposition 31

Special Exemptions Act! Vote NO on Proposition 32

Stop the Auto Insurance Surcharge: Vote NO on Proposition 33

Repeal the Death Penalty: Vote YES on Proposition 34

Human Trafficking: Vote YES on Proposition 35

Three Strikes Reform Act: Vote YES on Proposition 36

Label Genetically Engineered Food: Vote YES on Proposition 37

Tax for Education and Early Childhood Programs: Vote NO on Proposition 38

Redistricting for State Senate Districts: Vote YES on Proposition 40

California Legislature

Assembly District 17: Tom Ammiano

Assembly District 19: Phil Ting

Senate District 11: Mark Leno

US Federal Government

House of Representatives District 12: Nancy Pelosi

House of Representatives District 14: Jackie Speier

US Senate: Dianne Feinstein

President: Barack Obama

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